Time Frame and Team - This project was created in 8 weeks time with of team of 6 people as the final project for our Game Production class at the University of Central Florida.
Role - I was the Creative Director and only 3D artist on the project. As creative director I was responsible for the look and feel of the game and had final say what art assets would be included into the final version of the game. And as the 3D artist I created over 100 fully textured props that create the environment that the game takes place in. I was also responsible for the lighting set up in engine.
3D Pipeline - All 3D assets were modeled and UV’d in Maya. 3 different textures were then created in Substance designer, these are all tileable and include a brick, wood and generic color fill texture that is on most props. These 3 textures were then imported into Substance Painter where an FX stack was created that gives all assets the unique look that they have. All assets are on 4 1024 by 1024 texture sets that include both a normal and color map, roughness or gloss maps were not included to give the game a more stylized look and to reduce the amount of textures. The floor and walls are modular and can be snapped together to create levels with bricks being placed along the edges. The entire game was put together by hand by myself.
Software Used - Autodesk Maya, Substance Painter, Substance Designer, Unity 5, Photoshop
About the Game - The Spirit of Adventure is an isometric dungeon crawler and exploration game where you play as two characters. The first is a lowly villager tasked with eradicating the goblin menace that has moved into the abandoned dungeon down the road, and the second is a friendly wandering spirit that has chosen you as its next companion. Traverse the dungeon while solving the puzzles and traps the goblins have set up, and defeat the goblin king to save the village.
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