Time Frame and Team - This project was completed over 15 weeks over the course of an entire semester with a team of 9 people as a UCF Game Design Senior Capstone. 
Role - I was Creative Director and an artist on this project. As creative lead I was responsible for the look and feel of the game and had final say on what assets would be included into the final project. And as an artist I created 3D models and textures for both props and structural pieces, created all complex shaders seen in game, handled the build out of the walls floors etc, set up lighting and post processing, and was responsible for the design of the last two puzzles that close out the game. 
About the Art - 
3D props and structural pieces - I created over 70 props including things such as doors, windows, wall trims, railings etc. All structural assets that could not be made in engine as BSP. I also created props to fill out the game and make Madhouse look like a believable space.
Both high and low poly models were created in Maya and UVs were also created in there. Objects were then brought into Substance Painter for both baking and texturing. 
Multiple assets were put on the same 0 to 1  UV space to cut down on texture draw calls. 
Tileable Materials - A set of materials was created in Substance Designer for use directly in Unreal engine and in Substance painter. All materials have parameters and multiple variations of each one can be created by changing the values on them. The metal and wood textures were sent to all artists to assist them in the texturing process. 
Link to itch.io page with download - https://tgorder.itch.io/madhouse
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