Time Frame and Team - Dr.Higgs's great escape is a first-person action platformer created in Unity 5 with a team of 6 people. It  was created over the course of 10  weeks as a UCF Game Design Senior Capstone.
Role - On this project I was Creative Lead and 3D artist. As creative director I was responsible for the look and feel of the game and had final say what art assets would be included into the final version of the game. And as the 3D artist I created props for every level and placed them in the levels in engine to actually build out the world. I was also responsible for lighting in both the city and space station levels.
About the Art - The main goal of the art department on this project was to try to create three spaces that were unique but also shared similar aspects and all looked as if they were in the same world. Each level sticks to the same colors neutral colors of the main pieces, the cylinders on the space station, the pipes and walls of the lab, and the buildings of the city are all white with metal trim. The props and lighting add more color highlights to the spaces.
About the Art - Every asset in the game uses the same Smart Material that I created in Substance painter. This material can be quickly applied to any asset and only a few values need to be changed in order to get the wanted look. This was done to help speed up the asset creation and to also help achieve a cohesive look to all assets as multiple artists were making them. 
Software Used - Maya, Substance Painter, Photoshop, Unity 5
About the Game - Dr.Higgs' is a first -person action platformer where you Run, Jump, and Slide your way through the worst day of your life! You play as Dr.Higgs, a scientist who has made a costly mistake. Creating a Black hole that will stop at nothing until it has devoured everything in its path. Making your way to the end of the universe is your only hope for survival. With your robot companion by your side, a whole lot of anti-matter, and a little bit of hope maybe you can make it. This sure does suck, huh?
Link to itch.io page with download - https://lodgework-games.itch.io/drhiggss-great-escape
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